Lower Milns Stormwater Scheme

The Lower Milns Scheme treats and slowly disposes of stormwater from heavy rain events in the Halswell suburban area before it flows into the Heathcote River.

This project upgraded the stormwater system by introducing a ‘First Flush’ treatment via detention basins, stormwater control structures and drain diversions between Sparks Road and the Cashmere Stream. The project was constructed in two stages. Stage 1 of the scheme was programmed for completion in 2011, but overlapped into 2012 and due to very poor weather and heavy flooding, took a break through that winter.  In the spring of 2012, work resumed with a sub-stage to Stage 1, as specified by the City Council, which extended the drainage and earthworks westwards from Sparks Rd to Milns Rd and had to be completed by Christmas 2012.

Prior to Christmas, the sub-stage works were further extended by the Council to include construction of new, high capacity culverts across Milns Rd at the James Hight Drive intersection, with a revised completion date of autumn 2013.

Once completed, this new scheme will be connected to the adjacent subdivisions’ own stormwater drainage system.