Christchurch City Council

Alongside the Styx River, the Redwood Springs Basin contains substantial springs in a unique bio-diverse, aquatic habitat. Retention basins and a swale have been constructed within the Redwood Springs Reserve to treat and manage storm water arising from the adjacent residential development.

This Isaac Construction project involved the creation of a sedimentation detention basin to provide “first flush” treatment of this water, prior to discharge into the Styx River. The project works included site establishment, traffic control, noise control, erosion and sediment control, bulk earthworks, laying storm water pipe, installation of storm water diversion structures, grassing and landscape planting within an environmentally sensitive council reserve.

Landscape designer, Antony Shadbolt said, “the Styx River offers the last opportunity to restore a viable spring-fed river ecosystem in the Christchurch area, and offers great opportunities to promote wildlife and conservation values within an urban environment.”
Subcontractors: Beaver Trees and Evergreen Landcare