Toby Donaldson (Foreman) and Paul Duffy (Foreman) led by Paul Coulter (Supervisor) & Tom Kettell (Project Engineer) have spent the last four weeks working on a particularly bad earthquake damaged section of Leslie Hills Road.

A fault line from the Kaikoura earthquake cut straight through Leslie Hills Road, lifting the entire hill and creating a 2m drop in the carriageway. Paul Duffy's team started the repairs by digging out all affected areas, then installed a new 700mm Civilboss culvert, wrapped and backfilled with geofabric and geotextile layers. Once back filled, Toby Donaldson's roading team then proceeded with an Area Wide Treatment Plan (AWTP), consisting of constructing a 100mm M4 AP40 overlay, ready for a first coat chip seal which was completed on 15/02/2017.

This is just a fraction of the current commitment and great workmanship Isaac Construction is supplying to Sicon LTD.

A recent head count shows we have on average around 45 Isaac personnel working in HDC on a daily basis. This is not including the Sealing Division who are also sending a team up there three time per week.

A massive thanks to everyone involved!

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