Isaac Excellence Awards 2018

Isaac Construction held its 2nd Annual Isaac Excellence Awards on Friday 21st September. The awards are to recognise outstanding performance in each of our core values across the company. There was over 60 individual nominations across all parts of the business represented. The winners were:

To get everyone home safely each night - Gary Wood

Fair days work for a fair day’s pay - Matt Richardson 

Do it right first time - Lionel Bonner

Promote Isaac positively - Brad Lightfoot

Place where people matter - Paul Coulter


Further to our above core values, a specific Team and Project were assessed as outstanding performance. The winners were:

Team Award - Rosy Morn – NCTIR Site 29

Project Award – MCR Cycleways Project


Congratulations to all of the winners above. You should be proud in what you have achieved. This clearly showcases the amount of great people we have at Isaac and the culture that our people have throughout the business.

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